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's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >>> the gop ticket, makes his pick for running mate as he tries to get his old job back. tonight how he made the announcement. >>> we begin with breaks news tonight. just a short time ago bob ehrlich announced his running mate. it's a woman no stranger to maryland politics. >> reporter: she's a mother and lawyer who lives in montgomery county. but what's the other part of the story is how ehrlich made this announcement. >> i have found that partner, that maryland partner to help us turn annapolis around and that partner is mary kay. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: in a video posted on facebook an hour before local news goes to air, he chooses his secretary of state. >> bob ehrlich is the right person with his idea of taking back that sales tax increase for making maryland open for business again, for putting marylanders back to work. >> reporter: more are more surprised by the message than by the pick. >> this is a strange way to pick a partner. >> i think it's interesting that he chose facebook as the temporary medium. just 4 yea
at any time. >> reporter: for 23 days in 2002, dc, maryland and virginia were paralyzed by fear of the d.c. snipers. 13 people shot, 10 died. john muhammad master minded the killings. the trigger man, now 23-year- old malvell is speaking to william shatner for a new tv series. he says there were more than two others in on the murderous plans but they backed up. >> there were supposed to be three to four snipers. in this way you could do a lot more damage. >> there were grander plans to kill more people. >> he came out and shot me with a .22 handgun. >> shatner told wjz he doesn't know whether to believe malvo if there were more coconspirators. >> i got the greatest insight of what was in muhammad's mind. i don't think lee knows either. all he knows is the stories that muhammad told him. >> reporter: this phone interview reveals malvo contradicts himself. they were never able to confirm that any of the coconspirators were out there. >>> malvo is serving a life sentence. the show aftermath will air another special on the dc snipers next month. >>> remnants of an amazing archaeological disc
be higher depending on how much energy they use. maryland has roasted on a number of days under the scorching sun this summer. the price for cool air can cause few stacks of green backs. if you constantly run your ac, you can prepare for higher than normal bills because of the extreme hot june and july. >> we strongly encourage our customers to reduce usage. >> 18 days were under 90 degrees. last year in june there weren't any days under 80 degrees. susan brown and her family say they are not affected by energy spikes because they use energy building. >> i don't have a problem with my bg & e bill because i am on the budget plan and my budget has been $237 for a couple of years. >> reporter: the average high for m maryland, 79.9 degrees and we're going to get even hotter. >>> new developments tonight in the gulf oil crisis just a short time ago. the federal government ordered dozens of ships to evacuate the site of the broken well as tropical storm bonnie is expected to head straight for it. here's a look at the ruptured well under water after several days of debate. tonight bp s
for maryland's new gop ticket. big crowds today in campaign stops throughout the state. alex demitris was there. >> reporter: it was meet, greet and get to know. >> nice to meet you. >> reporter: as the campaign made a stop. formally introduced, cane is a prosecutor and mother. >> i need someone, a go to person. someone that can lead, who's been there. ladies and gentlemen the next lieutenant governor of the state of maryland, kane. >> i think the pick of mary kane is a particularly good one. seems like around the country it's the year for women. >> mary, mary, mary,. >> thank you folks very much. >> reporter: a first generation american, kane's parents who immigrated stood by with tears in their eyes. >> my parents came here in the mid-1950s. they took a big risk in leaving their family to find a better future. i have learned firsthand, what it is to be an american. >> all right you guys, let's hear it. >> reporter: tomorrow ehrlick and kane will file their paper work to run in the election. >>> our media partner the sun reports the company is accused of double billing the government. the suit
it's complete coverage, it's wjz, maryland's news station. >>> community outrage. hundreds gather to demand a crack down on violence after a murder of a hopkins researcher. why people are angry and the steps being taken to prevent another tragedy. hello, everyone, i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about. murder has -- many are asking how it's possible that two repeat offenders were walking the streets of baltimore that night. live at the murder scene, kelly mcpherson spoke with city leaders about how the tragedy could have been avoided. >> this is where mckaren died and this is where hundreds gathered to figure out how this tragedy may be prevented again in the future. stephen mckaren was robbed and stabbed to death. his murder is resonating with the entire city. many say they are fed up with repeat offenders. the suspects have violent criminal records. wagner violated his probation 4 times but each time avoided going back to jail. he was caught on camera robbing a man, but escaped prosecution when the victim. >> at least a hundred people showed up to this meeting. bu
states. now he's coming back to his maryland home. tonight, those who know him are speaking out. >>> hello everyone i'm vic carter. here's what people are up to tonight. it's believed to be the biggest spy swap with russia since the cold war. and a maryland man is in the center of it. the first time he's been back on american soil in more than a decade. new at 11:00, kelly mcpherson has the latest on a story that has captured international attention. >> reporter: some of the people who live in this cock y sville neighborhood knew that a former colonel from the isb and as the story broke, they were hoping to hear his name as one of those released. after serving seven years of an 18 year sentence in russia, alexander saparosky is coming back to this neighborhood. >> i consider him to be more of an american hero than a spy sort to speak. >> reporter: many marylanders know the story how the -- how he turned in hanson. >> i consider him to be more of a hero. >> reporter: the cia and russian intelligence broker the tarmac during a time when the two countries are mending relations. >>
captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: >>> deadly weather. maryland's extreme heat claims four victims as temperatures soar into record territory. >>> good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm adam may. much of maryland spent the day under an excessive heat warning, and it's not going to be better tomorrow. people ventured outside after the temperatures dropped a little bit. a lot of people went outside grabbing ice cream to stay cool. it is still hot and very humid. conditions are expect heed to continue through the weekend. suzanne collins has the latest on a young man who died in the intense heat. first, a look at the record breaking temperatures today. >> we do still have a heat advisory in effect for a lot of the region. that continues until 8:00 tomorrow evening. we have lost the excessive heat warning but it is still hot. we topped out today 100 degrees. we started out the day at a very warm 82, and it is still 90 degrees outside. when you factor in the humidity it feels like 97. it's still feeling like 102 in d.c. we want to show you just off
the camera and get to the streets. >> reporter: 52% of marylanders surveyed call it the biggest issue. >> what a governor can do about dropping the economy is practically nothing. >> reporter: ehrlich leads by 15% in the suburbs. we asked voters about that. >> governor ehrlich's support is not as strong as previous republicans, is that something you can elaborate on. >> we're campaigning in all the state. >> governor o' malley is not what they want. we feel good about the shore, about turn out. >> reporter: in a statement governor e, hrlich says he believes the race will be close to the end. and governor o' malley agrees. he says it'll be like a game of ping-pong till the day. >> the polls show that ehrlich has a lead among male voters, and o' malley has a lead among female voters. >>> and the waterfront hotel was forced to close its doors last night after a water pipe ruptured. forcing a thousand guests to quickly evacuate. >> reporter: managers say the baltimore marriot waterfront will be open for business early tomorrow morning . baltimore's trendy waterfront hotel was water logged
this video of an uprooted tree on lynn hurst avenue. torrential rain, even hail pounds parts of maryland. when things quiet down, the damage is evidence. residents say they are glad no one was hurt. >> and i heard a crackling noise and when i heard a crackling noise, it was so much rain i couldn't see you know what was going on outside. so when the rain stopped i cape outside and i seen this. >> reporter: weather experts will have to determine what came through the area, but the damage is clear. let's take a look at this tree here. it's a fairly old tree. whatever hit it came through hard and split the tree in two. >> that's incredible, that's a really healthy tree that got split in half. >> reporter: in west baltimore it appears lightning was the cause of this fire that set the home ablaze. >> it was just smoking in the middle. all of a sudden the flash started right there in the corner and that was it. >> reporter: and as we were out observing the area, we would lake to say that most of the votes streets we saw were barely passable. back to you, vic. >> okay, kai. the storm knocked ou
. now it's complete coverage, it's wjz maryland's news station. >>> trooper accused. a maryland state trooper once assigned to guard the governor. >> what investigators told. >>> this is what people are talking about. >>> he was trusted with the life of two of our govors, but tonight he is facing child pornography charges. kelly mcpherson tells us how police tracked down the suspect. >> reporter: police had several e-mails that led them to an ip address that led them to a house. they did not realized they were about to arrest a state trooper. led investigators to a man they say collected and shared child pornography. bruce allen tucker has also been a state trooper for 12 years. in tucker's home investigators found more than 3000 images of children ages 2 to 14 posing nude and performing sex acts with adults. >> he had started casually looking at these things over the internet. an his interest grew. he exchanged some photos with some supreme -- people and it just increased. >> reporter: he started collecting child pornography in 2009. police started looking for the suspect a year ago.
it's the rumble everybody is talking about. million of marylanders were rudely awakened. the problems this quake could have caused, kelly mcpherson has the story. >> reporter: state inspectors are checking infrastructure all across the state to make sure the quake did not affect infrastructure. but a lot of people are just excited about the earthquake. >> i think that may have been an earthquake. >> reporter: did you or did you not feel the earthquake? for about three minutes the earth moved rocking homes and buildings across maryland, d.c. and virginia. >> for a moment i thought someone was in the house because i felt something, but then it stopped. >> reporter: early risers still felt they experienced what is more typical on the west coast. >> you really didn't feel it, i heard it. >> reporter: and it sounded like. >> a med sack, like it was flying over the house. suddenly i told him, something just happened. i don't know what was. i mean the whole house just shook. it totally shook. >> just like a real hard vibration on the whole house, we were in bed. >> reporter: some people were
. that investigation is ongoing. >>> and a maryland state trooper lands in the hospital after his vehicle was struck along the side of the interstate. the trooper stopped to help a disabled vehicle on northbound 87 near benfield boulevard. that's when police say a speeding vehicle smashed right into the cruiser. the car burst into flames, the operator 35-year-old rene dwellen suffered broken legs. alcohol is suspected to be a factor in that crash. >>> well the heat just does not seem to be letting up in maryland. you can see people there with ice cream and cold drinks on their hands. paramedics say they received 10 energy calls from heat overwhelmed people alone. >> they are moving very slowly, but if you're understood beneath one of them you are definitely feeling them right now. see anything around montgomery county now dipping into howard county just south of columbia. they are moving east ward so we could hear something in the baltimore metro area in the next about half hour to one hour. farther south there are more showers. >> thanks. >>> some previous hot weather has sparked a warning. do i ha
's complete coverage, it's wjz maryland's news station. >>> dangerous heat wave, marylanders spend another day fighting high temps. how much longer will it last. >> reporter: here's what people are talking about today. another day of intense heat and just minutes ago baltimore issued a code red for temperatures tomorrow. firefighters battled a blaze tonight and tried to keep cool with drinks and wet towels. earlier today american red cross workers made sure cooling centers were stocked with water. >>> wjz is live first morning coverage. we begin with bob. >> reporter: once again a record set today. we got up to 101. the previous record was 99. take a look at radar. temperatures just dropped down to 87. here it is 11:00 at night. dc still coming in at 91. there are some cooler readings, 7 78, 77, lots of 70s. tomorrow afternoon we are probably only get to the mid- 90s. so even though temperatures are not going to be in triple digits. we are expecting to have a very warm and more humid afternoon and guess what, we might just see a shower or thunder shower. >>> yesterday all time record 105. toda
on the roads to and from the beach, also out to western maryland. they are not just trying to catch drunk drivers and speeders. this year, this he will be looking for drugged drivers. it's a bang up weekend for a party. there will be alcohol consumed and a massive number of cars on the road traveling. this combination can mean more crashes. so state police have set up special enforcement details. >> holiday weekends mean more traffic on the road, more violators of the law, more speeders trying to reduce their travel time, which by the way, doesn't work. also a lot nor drugged drivers on the road. >> reporter: there's also a campaign to not only arrest drunk drivers about you the drugged driving. drugged driving play a large role in crashes. >> 34% of motor vehicle crash victims admitted to a maryland trauma center that they tested positive for drugs only. only 16% tested positive for alcohol. >> reporter: if you realize you should not be driving and don't want to be stranded overnight there's tipsy taxi each day from 10:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. you can get a free ride. >> yellow cab will send
with ties to maryland was killed in that terrorist attack in uganda. wjz is live and tonight kai jackson spoke with a colleague. >> reporter: a uganda resident in baltimore is mourning the loss of a colleague. steven okeria worked for john hopkins hospital. friends and colleagues say his violent death is a stark contrast to the life of service that he lived. these are pictures of the funeral service wednesday. he was killed as people were watching the world cup finals. >> the bomb went off, and steven, unfortunately where he was sitting took much of the blow. steven was very committed to his work. >> reporter: okeria worked in uganda he was working on a project to help the victims of aids and other diseases. and locals say it's troubling that a man trying to help others was killed. >> so steven was out there helping an activity that will help improve people's lives and the reverse rather he lost his life. >> reporter: emily curstetter was severely injured. delaware native was the only american killed. >> i have talked to the various people, i feel the pain. we feel the loss, i know i hav
: the maryland state police chopper used heat accept sensors but found nothing. at one point, rescuers lost sight of the cash as it lodged under a bridge and was covered with brush. i just got off the phone with the baltimore city fire department and their public information officer tells me that the recovery operation will not continue in the morning. and just a few minutes ago, they pulled the car out of the water and they were able to tell that there were no tags in this car. so now baltimore city police are getting involved to run the vin on this car to figure out this mystery of how and why it was in the water. reporting live from southwest baltimore, kelly mcpherson, eyewitness news. >> what a mystery. kelly, thank you very much. >>> as you saw storms pounded our region tonight and the severe weather included several tornado warnings. here's a few from sky high chopper 13 from earlier tonight. and a large wall of threatening rain and clouds. from here, we turn to bob turk. >> earlier tornado warnings over portions of hartford county, luckily even though there were some funnel clouds reporte
storms, severe weather moves through maryland leaving destruction in its wake. >>> good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm adam may, that's what people are talking about tonight. we begin with all this information on severe weather. a woman has been crushed by a fallen tree. right now tens of thousands of people are actually without power. here is some video just into the eyewitness newsroom. this is down from the dc suburbs of montgomery county and prince george's county where you can see monstrous trees collapse tonight. bernadette woods will have a closer look at the path of that storm, but let's begin with derrek valcourt and a view of all the damage. >> reporter: in some cases those storms rolled through in just a couple of minutes, but that was enough to do damage and kill a woman. >> i was told that the tree fell down as the car was coming through. two people were in the car. >> reporter: the storm caught some of the worse damage in the washington dc suburbs, from bethesda to chevy chase. >> i looked out the window, it was a dark gray horizontal movement of green and gray. >> r
. >> but it's pumping, a heavy flow of patients into maryland emergency rooms. >> we've clearly seen a significant increase. >> where doctors treat many levels of sickness. >> we realize we should start with heat exposure and then into heat exhaustion then heat stroke. >> reporter: there's been 800 visits to the emergency room for heat exhaustion. the secretary of health says most of those victims were seniors who had an underlying illness. but one under the age of 65 found inside a car with no air- conditioning. >> the temperature inside that automobile well in excess of 100 degrees, it is literally an oven. >> reporter: an oven that taria evans avoids. >> if it's too hot we keep them in doors, this is dangerous heat. you can't breathe. >> shoveling, sweep, stone and gravel, and the heat was unbearable. i mean just doing that manual labor and, i was sweating bullets. >> reporter: pg & e is sending crews out to six outages using pool power to beat the heat. >> they're in a position to responds to power outages even faster than they other wise be. >> reporter: because baking in the ho
. >>> hundreds of thousands of marylanders are still without power tonight following those powerful storms that hit the region. derek valcourt reports, the weather is also moving to be deadly. >> reporter: places like montgomery county were hit hard. >> kind of blew from out of nowhere. i didn't see any funnel clouds or anything, but as bad a wind as we could get around here. >> it was pretty scary. >> reporter: bob cohan ran for cover as trees snapped all around this house. this strong stone chimney kept a massive splinter tree from crashing the house. but in prince george's county a fallen tree did crash this mini van killing one woman. >> i was told that a tree fell down as the car was coming through. >> medics had to rush a second woman inside a mini van to the hospital. many boaters also caught by surprise. d & r police blame the storm for the death of a 63-year-old jet skier. and at the coast guard, they took 37 distressed call. dispatching rescue crews to help a total of 37 people out in the water. >> we had many that were very stressed out. were have worried about their seupgs. --
. >> it was extremely hot. >> reporter: now the maryland transit administration offers an olive branch to passengers who were on that train. the agency is giving out these vip passes. >> although they tried with some of the hot weather to back up and bus people around. >> reporter: the vip passengers are for passengers that were on the train that broke down in june but family and friends can also use them. the same day the nta is handing out vouchers who were stuck on that june train, a train is delayed to getting into penn station today. >> they have a line, but i don't see it's going to resolve. we are always having this issue. >> i think it's a good idea because people spend a lot of money. i spend about $14 a day on a round trip. >> reporter: to be eligible for this you have to have this submitted to the nta's office of the treasury by august 13th of this year. the voucher or vip pass is good till august 13, 2013. back to you vic. >> the nta is not saying how many of the vip passes they will give up. but more than a thousand passengers were on the train that broke down. >>> bp announced it is delayi
. maryland state police say that 48-year-old denita haselbar was exiting the freeway. police say haselbar suffered of head injuries. >>> tonight charges are pending against a baltimore driver who hit a teenager and a child. the accident happened right here this afternoon in the intersection of east fayette street. >>> there is a political fire storm brewing in baltimore city pitting big business against the government. the issue here is a living wage, and caught in the middle is workers who could get a big bump in their paycheck. >> reporter: baltimore city passed the first living wage law. >> we are in the process of replacing those old manufacturers jobs and trying to get descend paying jobs for the people of baltimore city. >>> mary pat clark says her bill is aimed at large national retailers like target and wal- mart expanding their presence in the city. business that gross more than $10 million a year would have to pay workers $10.57 an hour. that's more than $3 above minimum wage. >> it's just another way to make business in baltimore for difficult. >> reporter: the cfo of locally o
: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: >>> a maryland homeowner involved in the biggest spy swap since the cold war. tonight, we have new reaction from his baltimore county neighbors. >>> good evening, and thanks for joining us. i'm adam may. one of the high-profile russian prisoners is back on u.s. soil and may be returning to his home in comeysville. weijia jiang has the latest. >> reporter: many are wrapping their heads around the fact that one of the prisoners could be returning to the state to live. 59-year-old alexander spent the past seven years in a russian prison. on friday, the former kgb colonel flew into dulles international airport. he's one of four convicted of spying for the west, released by moscow in the biggest spy swap since the cold war. thousands of miles away, quiet cockeysville is what he called home since 1997. he once lived in this upscale private community on high field court and still owns a house on willow vista way where his son and family live where neighbors can't believe an espionage drama has any baltimo
. baltimore has another summer scorching day gripped maryland. these city workers laying down asphalt sweat it out. >> we get used to it over time. at first it's hard, but after a while, it's nothing. >> reporter: baltimore inner harbor had crowds even on a sizzling day. many of those outside heard the spots for an icy treat. >> trying to get a lot of fluids, in and out. >> reporter: experts say you must know the symptoms of extreme conditions. one of those is heat exhaustion. can progress into a second serious problem, heat stroke. making air-conditioning not a luxury but a priority. >> after that the central nervous system malfunctions. that's when people start to think not clearly, not act right. >> on days like this it's hot just about any place you go. but there are a few places like this fishing pier here in canton that may offer a big breeze but provides a big relief. >> it's cooler on the water. >> right, exactly. >> reporter: joel baker is more worried about his dog staying cool than himself. so the pointer bud chicago out in the harbor in canton. >> they love it, as you see they'
is estimates 658,000 marylanders will be out for the weekend. if you need a ride this weekend but you don't have one, at any point you can call tipsy taxy twaopb between 10:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. that number, 1-877-963-taxi. >>> police will also be riding on nta buses and light rail all weekend for an extra layer of security. >>> congressman drewburger introduced a bill to protect passengers. the bill comes after a series of marc delays, including one called the hell ride. passengers were trapped for two hours in extreme heat. the new bill requires that water be provided for passengers among other things. >>> two suspected russian spies have reportedly confessed to living with a false identity. >>> employment rate dipped slightly to 9.5%. experts say 200,000 jobs a month need to be added in order to sustain a recovery. only 83,000 were added last month. >>> finally some progress in the clean up of the gulf oil spill in the wake of hurricane alex. here's a live look under water at the still leaking spill. more oil skimmers were back out today to start cleaning up again for the first time s
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. [ ding ] >>> it is 82 degrees, mainly clear in central marry lands right now -- maryland right now. >>> an evacuation at the statue of liberty. park officials say a sensor gave a false reading. several hundred people were visiting the attraction at the time. the statue of liberty was reopened about an hour later. >>> a texas mother add admits she killed her two children because they were both autistic. she called 911 to tell them she strangleed her two children. >>> a pedestrian is injured at the interharbor after being struck by a car. when the man was taken into an ambulance his condition is unknown at the time. the accident which occurred around 5:30 caused a major back up on northbound light street. >>> an illegal dirt bike rider is on the run tonight after causing a deadly crash in baltimore city. the man killed in the crash would have turned 48 today. tonight wjz investigates. >> reporter: in may alfonso junior becomes an innocent victim of a dirt biker. an illegal dirt biker with a toddler on his lap cuts alfonso off. alfonso swerves to avoid hitting them, slams into this po
it's complete coverage, it's wjz, maryland's news station. >>> capping the crisis. big steps taken tonight in the -- to stop the leak in the gulf of mexico. >> reporter: a chance the problem could soon be fixed. >>> hello, everybody. >> reporter: here's what people are talking about tonight. >>> some encouraging news tonight as bp begins testing a cap that is supposed to stop oil from flowing into the water. if it works they may finally gainful control of the leak. >> reporter: it's an image we haven't seen until now. no oil flowing from the top of that well. bp successfully close -- by thursday, robots could close off the other two valves and sometime within 38 hours the flow of crude could be blocked entirely. >> i was gung ho for this test. >> reporter: the government had put a hold on this test. scientists mapped the area and bp got the green light. even if the oil stops residents are still worried about all the oil headed their way. particularly concerned are the managers that manage these cities and feel they can't afford to keep up. >> reporter: manages the coastline which h
help from multiple agencies including for the first time maryland state police. >> we will have them out there, again in a variety of configurations. some plain clothed to monitor would be troublemakers. >> we have every confidence in them that they will do their job. we have worked with public works, the fire department as well. >> reporter: while visitors are relieved that there are 300 police officers out, some say they are always weary themselves. >> i don't have a problem going to an officer and saying, there's a problem over there. >> i only carry what i need. you can't get to it, i take care of myself. >> reporter: and that very community involvement is of course what the commissioner orders time and time again. for people to get involved in order to fight crime, whether it's 4th of july or not. we're live in the inner harbor, weijia jiang. >>> those people who flocked to the inner harbor tonight saw quite an entertaining show. they saw the navy band in action. the festivities were almost a no go this year. there was not enough money in the city's budget for the show. but the
complete forecast coming up next. ,,,, >>> it's 71 degrees with a few clouds in central maryland on a just absolutely beautiful friday night. we have complete forecast weather coming up in moments. >>> a wildfire is threatening homes and business. the fires broke out thursday about 60 miles north of l. a. dry winds and high winds are making it difficult to fight. >>> al gore won't face charges in the sexual assault case filed against him. haverty says that gore sexually assaulted her. haverty failed a lie detector test and there failed to be any dna on the clothing she was wearing at the time of the alleged assault. >>> state agencies agent -- a traffic stop by a state trooper has ballooned to state delegates and the state general. alex demetrius reports that a lot of voices are being raised because a troopers voice was being recourted. >> reporter: when an tony graber posted his police stop on you tube. >> i don't want to go to jail. >> but he might, because of what he posted. >> as soon as he allowed me to stop taking my gear off, i turned the camera off. >> reporter: but what he taped,
anyone was harmed. >>> a recent study ranks maryland among the worst when it comes to bicycle safety. mike schuh shows the benefits of cycling can outweigh the risks. >> reporter: recently, we've seen two local cyclists die in high profile accidents. one downtown and one in the county. now comes this study. it asks, do the health benefits of cycling outweigh the safety risks? the overwhelming answer is yes. on average, the risks took away five to fine days of the lives. the beneficial effects added on average 3 to 14 months to their life span. >> the the ma'am survival for people who exercise regularly is enhanced. >> reporter: reduced stress, increased muscle and lower broad pressure are seen as benefits. >> i think it's a win-win for everyone. >> reporter: i find this interesting because i oftentimes ride into work and put in a long ride on the weekends so i probably do about 100 miles a week. that is say lot of exposure to traffic. there are ways for the cyclist to be safer on the road. the most obvious is being seen. whenever i ride, i'm always wearing neon green or neon orange.
here, much of central maryland again under excessive heat watches for those temperatures over 100 maybe 106 tomorrow afternoon. all because of huge area of high pressure, this is the same air mass that came down from canada and was nice and cool last week. we had nights in the 40s and 50s, you remember. it's stationary, it's sitting there and the sun is just heating it up. the air is coming down from a high elevation. it just heats up on the rim of this high pressure, we had showers and storms on the gulf coast. a lot of activity out in the midwest. behind that cooler air, we may get some of that i think by the end of the week. a chance of a shower, thundershower late wednesday. a better chance thursday, friday and again on saturday along with that, some lower temperatures, but for the time being there's also a little batch of cloudiness coming down the east coast. might bring us a slight chance of some relief. particularly on the coast by later on wednesday, as that little low pressure and showers. we're talking low to mid-90s at least. but some relief with the form of some scattered s
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